How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

Groceries are definitely cheaper than in the US. Strangely enough, the supply is quite limited, as all most of the best items go straight to the US. We find ourselves buying a lot of produce at Costco (go figure). We buy only fruits, vegetables, eggs, and meat here. Everything else we import via Amazon or Tucson trips. Since our arrival, there have been more and more natural foods/organic products popping up that we try to support. You can buy organic beets, carrots, cilantro, etc., and organic eggs. But there are no organic dairy products here. - Aug 2015

We have access to some decent grocery stores, several WalMarts and a Costco. Prices are more expensive than in the US since everything is imported. The quality of the good isn't great (other than Costco). I stock up at Target on our trips to Tucson or have things sent through Amazon. - Apr 2013

For anything of quality you should be prepared to pay the same or maybe more than what you pay in the U.S. That said, you can get most of what you would normally purchase in the U.S., and what you can't get you can order by mail or pick up in Tucson on an occasional shopping trip. - Dec 2009

Fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats (chicken, beef, pork, dairy, seafood) are lower priced in Hermosillo than in Arizona. They also tend to be fresher and less laden with preservatives as they are grown in Sonora for local consumption and don't require preservatives to survive long transportation times. Prepackaged food items (from your favorite brand of mayonnaise to baby food to t.v. dinners) are available although not in the variety that they are in U.S. supermarkets. They are also pricier than in the U.S. My family's supermarket bill in Hermosillo tends to run about 30% lower than in Arizona. - Feb 2008

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