Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

I think it's best for families with small kids. There isn't a lot to do here, and that's generally okay for families with with kids. Even with kids, we tend to get bored, as there's not a lot more to do than visit the beach (1:15 by car), go to lunch/dinner (about 10 restaurants), and go the movies. There's a nice country club that a lot of folks use, and people seem quite happy with this as it's a nice slice of green in Hermosillo. - Aug 2015

In my opinion it is a great city for families with small children. It is a bit boring, but with small kids you get a lot of family time, and there is enough to do. I think the families with older kids have a harder time. As for singles- it is what you make it. I've seen some singles thrive here with lots of local friends, enjoying the nightlife, etc. Others have used Hermosillo as the jumping-off point to visit other areas in Mexico, as there are some cheap flights on Volaris. Others still have found it very stifling here. Again, the accessibility of Tucson (3.5-4 hours) helps everyone. - Apr 2013

It depends on what you like to do. In terms of nightlife, arts, culture, the selection is moderate but emerging. After a couple of months, you will want to travel somewhere. Airfare from Hermosillo is generally quite expensive (2-3 times what you would pay for equivalent distances in the U.S.), so singles will find it easier to take off for a weekend than those with families. Since Hermosillo is relatively isolated from other Mexican cities, driving anywhere other than Tucson is normally not practical. - Dec 2009

This is a great town for families. Most private schools have after-school sports programs (though not nearly on par with sports programs at U.S. schools). There are many small parks. People are friendly and children in school should have little trouble making friends. The private schools ask for a significant level of parental involvement which tends to help out-of-town parents make new friendships. Many opportunities for outdoor activities are available nearby, including hiking, ecotourism, horseback riding, etc. And, of course, the beach is only an hour's drive away. It's a good town for singles and couples who are willing to socialize with local residents. Entertainment opportunities exist but are not what they are in larger cities. - Feb 2008

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