Colombo - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Diseases are a serious concern and you should assume that you or someone you know will contract dengue at some point. Local hospitals are of poor quality, so any major surgery or procedure has to be done outside of the country. Cars do not make way for ambulances. - Mar 2021

Dengue Fever is still common here. Local medical care is considered good, but I have not used it often because I can take advantage of the healthcare providers at the embassy. Dentistry is cheap and good. - Sep 2020

Dengue fever is a concern. In my limited experience, medical care isn't great in Sri Lanka. I tend to get routine medical care (dentist, annual physical, routine follow-ups) in the USA or elsewhere (e.g., Singapore, Bangkok), whenever possible. - Apr 2020

Air quality is not so great, and neither is health care. Any person with medical conditions outside of the usual basic needs should be medically evacuated. That being said, one of my friends had a cesarean section here and said it was a great experience.

Dengue fever is rampant. It's carried by mosquitos, and really needs to be take seriously. - Sep 2017

Medical care is pretty good, with good diagnostics and clinics throughout Colombo. You wouldn't want to get in a really bad car accident too far away from Colombo though, as services dwindle quickly. - Mar 2017

Medical care is developing, but not horrible. There are a handful of local doctors trained abroad (pediatricians, gynecologists, eye doctors, dentists) that expats use. - Sep 2013

Medical care is much improved. Health insurance is available. There are some very good private hospitals and doctors. Dentists are a bit thin on the ground. - Sep 2012

Dengue fever is rampant, there are 4 strains - each worse than the last. The medical care is substandard by American standards. - Dec 2011

Dengue is a concern and other mosquito born diseases. Lots of hospitals with decent medical care. I gave birth here and had a good experience. - Feb 2010

Water is relatively safe but stick with bottled water outside large hotels. Dengue fever and chicangunya (sp?) transmitted by mosquitos. Purchase MedJetAssist insurance for medical evacuation if you're too banged up to get on a commercial flight out. Medications are over the counter and from India. Many drugs are knock-offs that are the genuine generic. I rarely saw an ambulance in Colombo. - Sep 2008

There are several private hospitals with good doctors. In Colombo be aware of dengue fever. - Feb 2008

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