Colombo - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

In my opinion, this is not a good post for single people. There are few to no nightlife options and Sri Lankans do not tend to date. I think this is an okay posting for couples if you are very good at keeping each other entertained. I also feel this is a good posting for families. You will find it easier to make friends with other parents and can find affordable household help. - Mar 2021

This post is probably better for families than for singles. - Sep 2020

It's not a bad city for anyone, but it can be quite dull. You have to make your own fun. - Apr 2020

I think it's good for all. Something for everyone. - Sep 2017

It is a great city for everyone. There is plenty to do. There are lots of late night clubs and dances venues for singles or young couples. There are parks and "baby groups" for any young families and for older kids, they make their own fun with friends. - Mar 2017

Yes! Although can be considered a boring and quiet post (which we like). There is not much for singles looking for an active social life. - Sep 2013

It is probably better for families, but there arevery limited activities for all anyway. - Sep 2012

It seems a better city for couples than for singles or families. There is not a lot for children to do once you've been to the elephant orphanage and the zoo. Although the city is on the ocean, the water quality is very poor and it is necessary to drive an hour to the north or south minimum to find a fairly clean beach. The night life for singles is sketchy at best, there are a handful of nightclubs that single expats frequent. - Dec 2011

Great for families. Seems to be also quite alright for singles and couples. Lots of nice restaurants and some nightclubs as well. - Feb 2010

There are activities throughout the year for embassy events, AmChamber of Commerce, Rotary clubs etc. On weekends many expats play golf with the N&G Golfing Society at the Royal Colombo Golf Club. The N&G welcomes all golfers who like to drink beer afterward. - Sep 2008

There is not so much for kids and teenagers to do. Traffic is heavy and there are the security concerns. Activities tend to be concentrated at schools. - Feb 2008


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