What do people who suffer from environmental or food allergies need to know?

Peanuts (groundnuts) are very popular here and, as mentioned, the dust and smoke haze can be bad for those with asthma. - Nov 2019

Lots of tropical stuff blooming all the time means seasonal allergies can be irritated, but it's been manageable for us. Peanuts are a staple food here and I'd think anyone with a severe allergy would need to take extra care here. - May 2019

Ground nuts (peanuts) are very popular in food here. If you were to serve in Ghana and have a peanut allergy I would be cautious about eating out and bring an EpiPen at all times. - Apr 2018

Peanuts (ground nuts) are in a lot of the foods here and the locals don't seem that concerned about food allergens. Keep your Epi-pen handy or just cook at home. - Aug 2017

Bring your own epi pen and Allegra? Peanuts are in all the local food so if you have a peanut allergy don't eat local. - Apr 2017

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