What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

Heat is really tough to deal with. Amount of trash at beaches and everywhere else. - Nov 2019

I wasn't prepared for how much the lack of changing seasons would throw me off, but I don't know how one can prepare for that. - May 2019

How little there would be to do on the weekends and how expensive/difficult it was to fly out of Ghana to other places of interest, even Europe. - Apr 2018

How polluted it is and how much litter there is on the side of the road. - Aug 2017

Just how hot and humid it would be every day. How every conversation with a local will likely end up with an argument. That is exhausting. - Apr 2017

Everyone wants something from you and the begging becomes a bit much. Driving here is awful and the traffic makes you go insane. - May 2014

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