What volunteer opportunities are available locally?

Quite a few although not as easy as you might hope. Sometimes background checks required which is good but might just be an impediment put in place over the fear that volunteers do work that locals should be getting paid for. - Nov 2019

Due to my own work I haven't explored this as fully as I would have wished. There are many, many volunteer opportunities here. There is a large expat women's group (NAWA) that makes grants to local NGOs, schools, etc. and can also connect potential volunteers with opportunities, and I'm sure there are other avenues as well. The Embassy occasionally will have beach cleanup activities. - May 2019

Endless opportunities with orphanages, street children, churches, etc. - Apr 2018

I have no idea, but I'd imagine there are lots of opportunities. - Aug 2017

Thousands, you name it, you can do it! - Apr 2017

The North American Women's Association can hook up people with volunteer organizations. - Aug 2016

Yes, at orphanages and teaching English to locals. - May 2014

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