Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

We've felt very safe here. Usual precautions of course but very good freedom of movement. I walk around the neighborhood to go shopping, visit barber, etc. Even running through poorer neighborhoods I've never been harassed or had any problems other than getting lost. - Nov 2019

Accra is rated critical for crime and I have heard a few stories of muggings and robberies around the holidays. In general, though, I would say common sense measures for personal safety are adequate. It doesn't always feel like a big city, but it helps to remember that it is, and that it's never a great idea to make oneself an easy target. I don't personally know anyone who has had any trouble. - May 2019

Ghana is a critical crime post, but most crime can be mitigated by using personal security protocols and paying attention to your environment. So this would mean driving with your doors locked and windows up, locking your house doors at night (you'd be surprised that people don't!), etc. - Apr 2018

There is some street crime involving people on bikes or motorcycles snatching smartphones or purses from people walking. Just keep your street smarts and you should be fine. Stay away from places where there aren't a lot of people walking around and avoid walking around by yourself at night. - Aug 2017

No, Accra is super safe. - Apr 2017

Ghana is relatively safe though one needs to be aware of surroundings and not walk around waving your cell phone. - Aug 2016

It's a high crime post. If the opportunity is there, they will take it. We go out in groups and avoid unlit areas at night. - May 2014

This is a developing country and the crime is what you would come to expect. However, it is manageable by using common sense. Don’t leave things in your car. Don’t walk down the dark alley. Don’t show off your nice camera in the market. Etc. We have actually been pleasantly surprised by the security atmosphere here and have not had a real problem (yet). People we know have had burglaries, purse snatchings, and cell phone robberies. There is significantly less violent crime here than in neighboring cities like Lagos, Lome, or Abidjan. That said, however, as Ghanaian economy is starting to cope with the benefits/problems that come with a rapidly-expanding oil-based economy, the crime seems to be becoming more prevalent. - Apr 2012

Petty crime is present there is some type of violent crime (usually a robbery at gunpoint (homemade guns - gun ownership and availability isn't an issue here)) a few times a year. The embassy assigns night guard from 6-6 and most everyone employs a day guard. Common sense precautions can prevent you from becoming a victim. As someone else said, this is NOT South Africa! - Feb 2010

It is a pretty safe country - this is an advantage that should not be taken for granted. That said there are opportunists - stories of dishonest individuals. - Feb 2010

Petty crime, infrequent burglaries in expat areas. This is NOT South Africa. - May 2009

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