What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Going to the Volta Region to hike to waterfalls; beach trips, direct flights to Sao Tome. - Nov 2019

In addition to just enjoying our everyday life here, we've had a lot of fun getting out and exploring. There are beaches within easy striking distance of the city (the beach here in Accra is fine to visit for a meal at a seaside restaurant, for instance, but not a great place to swim). Sadly the beaches are often marred by significant amounts of plastic waste, but it can still be a welcome getaway from the city. There are national parks: Kakum, with its elevated treetop walkway and Mole, which is known for its elephants, are the ones we managed to get to. There are beautiful waterfalls, an impressive hydroelectric dam that was the big infrastructure project of first president Kwame Nkrumah and that provides something like 85% of Ghana's electricity, there is the Volta River. The local markets are fun - Makola Market is almost a city unto itself. The forts along the coast, particularly in Cape Coast and Elmina, were key centers of the transatlantic slave trade and are an essential, but painful, visit. - May 2019

Our child has made excellent friends and really excelled in her school. We've enjoyed some beach trips. - Apr 2018

Purchasing fruits and vegetables from the roadside vendors has been a lot of fun. - Aug 2017

Trips out to the west of Ghana to visit Stilt Villages and beach trips. Ghana is ill-equipped for tourists, especially tourists who would like access to air conditioning or a comfortable bed. If you are into camping in hot weather, Ghana travel and tourism will be much easier for you. - Apr 2017

The slave castles (Elmina) are a must see for historical purposes, tripadvisor.com is a good resource for this. - Aug 2016

We've been able to save some money. - May 2014

The people are ridiculously friendly and naturally curious. We will really miss the genuine amicability of people. - Apr 2012

Commute is less than five minutes - Aug 2011

Visiting the slave castles, beach vacations and getting involved with some of the local women's groups. - Feb 2010

Quite a few beautiful beaches - both close and farther away like Busua and Axim and the slave castles. - Feb 2010

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