What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Safe, pretty cheap. - Nov 2019

Friendly people, a pleasant community, a huge city that sometimes feels almost rural (in the area around the embassy, at least on the weekends). - May 2019

It's warm, housing is close to the embassy, and Ghanaians are very friendly. - Apr 2018

It can be quite cheap, but only if you're willing to forego a lot of Western brands and conveniences. - Aug 2017

You don't need to waste time sitting in the steam room, just take a walk outside. - Apr 2017

People are very friendly. It is close to a beach (though for actual swimming it is recommended to drive out of Accra). - Aug 2016

You become closer to your family and the embassy community as there is next to nothing to do here. It is definitely a "make your own fun" kind of post. - May 2014

As Ghana becomes more developed, life for expats is getting easier. The supermarket shelves are stocked with adequate South African substitutes, the road quality is improving, telecommunications are conforming to international norms (we recently got seven-digit phone numbers!), and travel options out of Accra are growing. It is probably the best city in the region in which to live. - Apr 2012

Culturally rich country - chieftancy, arts and crafts, food, music, etc. - Aug 2011

The atmosphere is laid back which can be an advantage or a disadvantage. The people are very kind and helpful. The beaches are beautiful. - Jun 2011

It's always warm!It's "Africa Lite" and a good chance for family who aren't too adventurous to come visit you. - Feb 2010

Schools are better than most of the other countries in West and Central Africa, saving money, beaches, culture/dance is interesting - Feb 2010

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