What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

DC. Nice direct flight to IAD on South African Airways (codeshare with Jet Blue) that takes about 10.5 hours. Other flights usually connect in Europe or through New York. - Nov 2019

Texas/New Mexico. Not super convenient to get back, which is why we haven't bothered during this tour. It's going to take us about 30 hours airport-to-airport to get home when we do home leave this summer. There are a few direct flights between the U.S. east coast and Accra, but many flights are routed through London, Amsterdam, or Brussels. - May 2019

Virginia, USA. Fly to post via Europe from the Washington, DC, area. - Apr 2018

I came from Northern Virginia. I flew from DC to Brussels (7.5 hours) and then from Brussels to Accra (6.5 hours). There was about a three-hour layover between flights. - Aug 2017

San Antonio, which is a long long way away. Maybe a 24-hour trip? - Apr 2017

There are direct flights from JFK and Dulles (about 10.5 hours). There are also many options to fly to Europe (Belgium, London, Portugal, and then fly to Ghana (about 6 hours from Europe). - Aug 2016

Midwest. Flight from Accra to JFK is 11 hours. Connections can be long. Normal travel time to get home is 28 hours with a connection through Atlanta. - May 2014

The flight from JFK takes about 10 hours, about the same for the direct flights from Washington and Atlanta. Plan on two seven-hour flights if connecting through Europe (London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, or Brussels). - Apr 2012

11 hours from DC - Aug 2011

Direct flights from Atlanta, New York and DC.Atlanta and DC flights are around 10-12 hours. - Jun 2011

Washington, DC.KLM flies via Amsterdam and is generally a more comfortable flight than its Delta competitor. Travel time is approximately 24 hours including layovers and transfer time. Delta flies direct to NYC, but for persons traveling on it may be difficult to clear customs with small children and then recheck everything at JFK.The Delta flight is approximately 10 hours. United is scheduled to begin direct flights to Dulles in either April or May 2010. - Feb 2010

U.S. where Delta has direct flights from Accra. - Feb 2010

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