What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Delivery through Jumia is very common. There are some good restaurants in the Cantonments/Airport Residential neighborhoods that are a bit pricey. You can find quite a bit of ethnic food although they all tend to be run by Lebanese. - Nov 2019

There's an app called Jumia Foods that facilitates deliveries from a wide variety of restaurants. There are quite good Indian, Chinese, and French restaurants nearby. Pizza is hit-or-miss here. Seafood can be a bargain. We love Ghanaian food but not everyone does. If you do enjoy it, you can eat very inexpensively here. - May 2019

Delivery is super easy and can be done via app from almost every restaurant in the area. There are a few restaurants very popular with expats, such as pizza places, etc. The restaurant scene isn't as varied here as it was at our last post, but there are some good ones. Prices can seem expensive for here, but in reality you can eat at a very nice restaurant in the neighborhood near the Embassy and get lobster pasta for less than $20. - Apr 2018

The only American restaurants I've seen are KFC and Pizza Hut. I may have seen a Subway and a McDonald's around here, but I'm not sure. There are some nice restaurants in the embassy area that sell Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese, and Thai food. There is also a buffalo wing restaurant nearby. - Aug 2017

All types of food is available in Accra and all deliver. There aren't really American chain fast food restaurants, but you can get all other types. - Apr 2017

There are many restaurants that are decent and available (Chinese, Korean, Indian, Lebanese, Italian). A lot of people use HelloFood app to have food delivered but I have not tried it. - Aug 2016

We just got a KFC and it's similar to the U.S. You have options with restaurants...pizza, Thai, Indian, Lebanese, cafes. - May 2014

You can find most any kind of cuisine here, but it will not taste the same as home. Among the choices are many Chinese restaurants, a couple of decent pizza places, some high-end hotel restaurants, a few good French places, a good Japanese/sushi bar, a couple of food-courts with fast-food chicken and sandwiches, and innumerable little chop bars and food stands. High-end restaurants can run as high as $50 per person without alcohol. Most restaurants that serve recognizable European/American food range from $10-$25 for an entrée. Street food is cheap ($1-$3), but you risk getting a stomach ailment. Our favorite places include the Accra Polo Club, Bella Roma, Monsoon, La Chaumiere, Champs, 3121, Movenpick brunch, DeliFrance, La Gallette, and Mama Mia. The first US chain just opened in Accra, a KFC. - Apr 2012

A number of decent restaurants throughout the city. Ranging anywhere from $5-7 to $45-55 - Aug 2011

No American fast food restaurants,There are some South African chains. There are new restaurants every day - there are now at least three Thai restaurants and two excellent Italian restaurants. - Jun 2011

There are a variety of decent restaurants. Cheap places that are family friendly include Papaye in Osu and Frankie's, which can run as little as about $3 per person. Mama Mia's is a pizzaria that is very popular with the expat crowd. Nicer places abound and can run up to $100 for dinner for two, including wine. A good variety, and you can find Indian, Ethiopian, Korean, Chinese, American, Ghanaian, African, Mexican (sort of) and Italian here. The only frustrating thing is that Sunday Brunch does not exist here except for the bigger hotels. - Feb 2010

Limited - but very good Indian and sushi. Ghanaian food is pretty good as African food goes. There are some South African fast food chains that are good quality and some place called Frankie's that is like fast food. Cost isn't too bad. - Feb 2010

There is a large range of local and international dining options. The better the food and ambiance, the more it costs. At the top end, this can be quite expensive, and includes French, Italian, Continental, and Indian options. Moderate priced: Chinese, Middle-Eastern, Indian, Continental, Japanese, andfast food. If you like local food in open-air "chop shops" it is very cheap. - May 2009

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