Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

I haven't seen overt hostility but the culture is very conservative and the "homosexual agenda" is a frequent political punching bag for all sides. As an expat probably not an issue but the LGBTQ community is not very visible out of fear of mistreatment. - Nov 2019

I am not sure about this. Ghana does have a very conservative religious streak. It's not a topic I've heard discussed. There's definitely not a clearly visible LGBT community. - May 2019

I would guess it might be difficult since Ghana is a very religious and more conservative place, but I do not know firsthand. - Apr 2018

I wouldn't know. But if there is an LGBT scene here, it's very underground. - Aug 2017

No, that is illegal and they publicly flog gay people. - Apr 2017

It is still illegal to be gay here but I haven't heard of anyone getting harassed for it. - May 2014

Homosexuality is technically illegal in Ghana. However, there seem to be no practical restrictions or problems in regard to this. - Apr 2012

We have two gay couples at post presently and they are both integral parts of the community and very active. Ghana in general is very conservative and does not necessarily acknowlege or deal with homosexuality well. I would think discretion is the key. I have not heard of any instances of harassment. - Feb 2010

Seems to be fine here, but not sure. - May 2009

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