Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Probably. Tough first year but things have improved as we've settled in. - Nov 2019

Absolutely. I'd stay another two years. - May 2019

I think so, but would have come in with a greater understanding of the availability of a social life/travel. - Apr 2018

I would. Ghana is a beautiful country. You need to be smart about what you eat and where you walk, but the Ghanaians are friendly and jovial. I've had a great experience. - Aug 2017

Hell no! - Apr 2017

Yes. - Aug 2016

No. I was excited to come here, but after arriving the excitement was drained out of me. I can't wait to leave. - May 2014

Probably not. - Apr 2012

Probably not - Aug 2011

Yes - Jun 2011

Probably. - Feb 2010

Yes - Feb 2010

Yes, Ghana is the jewel of West Africa and is relatively "easy." That said, it can also be boring for some people. - May 2009

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