How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

DPO. - Nov 2019

DPO. Can also get pouch for vendors that won't ship to DPO. Generally pretty quick and reliable. Sometimes packages get misrouted and take a while to arrive, but really have no complaints. - May 2019

We have DPO and pouch in Accra. Packages tend to arrive more quickly than mail, and mailing packages back to the US can have them arrive Stateside anywhere from 1-4 weeks after shipping. DPO arrival here is usually 7-14 days within ordering. - Apr 2018

You can mail and receive letters and packages at the post office at the embassy. Mail to the US takes 2-3 weeks to arrive, so plan accordingly. - Aug 2017

Embassy DPO and pouch. - Apr 2017

DPO and pouch. - May 2014

All mail takes about two to four weeks from the States, depending on how it’s sent. Expect three weeks for a Netflix turn around. - Apr 2012

As a diplomat, we receive our mail thru the diplomatic post office at the Embassy. - Aug 2011

DPO and pouch only. Non-embassy expats rent PO boxes at the post office."Duty" on your items that someone sent you depends on your negotiation skills. - Feb 2010

U.S. Government has a DPO. - Feb 2010

Embassy - pouch and DPO. - May 2009

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