Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Yes, soccer academies and drama productions. - Nov 2019

LCS has a wide variety of after school activities and sports teams. I appreciate that there are also noncompetitive sports activities (swimming, soccer, ultimate frisbee, basketball, lacrosse) that just encourage learning the sport, having fun, and getting exercise. Parents have organized kids' tennis lessons at the Embassy. There are martial arts classes (tae kwon do, I think?) at a studio very close to the Embassy. Our daughter went to a really great soccer camp over the summer, taught by a former star of the Ghanaian national team. She's not a huge soccer player but she enjoyed the opportunity to participate. - May 2019

Lots of children take swim lessons and ballet and tennis. I think there are many sports through Lincoln, but don't know first hand. - Apr 2018

Lincoln seems to have a lot of extracurriculars, including music and sports. - Aug 2017

Lincoln has a plethora of after school activities, your child will certainly find something to suit them. Soccer is huge here. - Apr 2017

Yes, ballet, swimming, horseback riding, and piano lessons. - Aug 2016

The schools offer sports but they don't get competitive until high school. - May 2014

Yes, and for adults too. Easy to find adult softball, volleyball, floor hockey, dodgeball, horseback riding, and soccer leagues - Apr 2012

No - Aug 2011

Pretty much anything you want your kid to learn (tae kwon do, ballet, etc.) can be done at your house in a private lesson - for cheap. We have the 5-time Ghanaian TKD Bantamweight champion coming to teach our son private lessons every week and it's only GHC 10 (about $6).Keep in mind, however, that you may have to go through a couple of teachers to find what you want. During the summer, however, it is miserable. GIS and LCS have had summer programs, but they tend to be loosely run and expensive. We never got our son's ceramics project from LCS daycamp last year, because he was sick and when our driver left to go pick it up, the program administrator asked him for a dash. GSIS has a soccer training camp for kids on Saturdays during the school year. Swimming is year round and the embassy has a pool. Other expats go to LaPalm, Alisa or other hotels and pay about GHC 7 to swim. Swimming lessons are available from Albatross Swim School, which is red cross standard and run by Kwame Kpodoh, the LCS swim coach and lifeguard. - Feb 2010

Yes - Feb 2010

Yes, at school, in the embassy sometimes. - May 2009

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