What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Embassy has a very mediocre gym with tiny locker space. There are a lot of active sports groups most of which are a mix of expats and locals. Running, mountain biking, tennis, yoga, boot camp, softball, ultimate disk, surfing, you name it. Ghanians are a sporty people even if that requires working around less than ideal facilities. - Nov 2019

There's a crossfit gym close to the Embassy but I don't know what it charges. A lot of people run or walk together in the early mornings (it gets too hot later on). There's a group of people who play in an informal tennis league at the Embassy, and there's a neat local tennis club with clay courts that's quite affordable to play at. The gym at the Embassy isn't great but it's adequate. The Embassy pool is long enough for lap swimming, but even better is the pool at Lincoln Community School, which is open for school families at certain times during the week. - May 2019

There is a small gym on the embassy grounds that isn't official, so it doesn't have bathrooms or a shower. So I only work out after work when I don't mind if I'm sweaty or disgusting. Many people take tennis lessons at the embassy, or partake in bootcamp classes at post. Same with yoga. I know there are some Crossfit style gyms, but I don't know how much they cost. The embassy gym is adequate (6+ treadmills and a few ellipticals/bikes, free weights and some weight machines). - Apr 2018

There is a gym, a pool, and a basketball court on the embassy grounds. - Aug 2017

There is a small gym at the Embassy and a few others scattered around that are pretty nasty and very expensive. Accra is not a great place to be if you like to keep fit. - Apr 2017

There is Pippa's Gym and others in the airport which are supposedly good but not cheap. There is a yoga studio in the Movenpik hotel which is supposed to be good but again, not cheap. - Aug 2016

The Embassy has a facility we can use. - May 2014

There are small gyms. Some houses have small pools. Jogging is complicated given the lack of sidewalks and non-adherence to traffic laws. - Apr 2012

Yes - Aug 2011

The embassy has a gym; there is also Pippa's Gym and Aviation Social Centre. Many people bring treadmills with them - Game has some machines and free weights available for purchase locally. - Feb 2010

Yes - Feb 2010

Yes. At the embassy, Air Force Officer's Mess, and "Pippa's Gym." - May 2009

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