Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Yes, kente cloth, batik and local style outfits. Monthly handicraft fair at the WEB DuBois Center near US Embassy. - Nov 2019

Beads and jewelry made from beads, wax print fabric and dresses/clothing made from it, kente cloth, batiks, baskets, shea butter and related products, masks and carved wood furniture/sculptures . . . - May 2019

Ghana is a great post for colorful and plentiful Ankara/wax fabric. You can have clothes made easily and inexpensively. Baskets are also beautiful here and affordable. - Apr 2018

You can buy beautiful wood carvings and fabrics that can be woven into clothing. - Aug 2017

Not really a great shopping post, but there is fabulous African wax print fabric for cheap, fake and genuine antiques, local arts and crafts, beads. - Apr 2017

Beads, masks, printed cloth. - Aug 2016

Hand carved items, beads, kente cloth. - May 2014

Lots of hand-made crafts like masks, kente, carvings, batik, etc. - Apr 2012

Stools, glass beads, mud cloth, kente - Aug 2011

Glass beads and baskets - Jun 2011

Beads! Carved items, batik, and some artists do very good work in oils. - Feb 2010

wooden and ironwork crafts, there are some very nice craft stores, kente, gold jewelry - Feb 2010

Handicrafts, jewelry, cloth, etc. - May 2009

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