If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Winter clothes. - Nov 2019

Expectations for things to go a certain way. Grocery stores are stocked in what feels like a random way. Suddenly your favorite product will vanish from the shelves of all the stores, only to reappear a few months later. The store that usually has the best cheese will sometimes just run out altogether (one mega-supermarket I went to once was completely out of ketchup . . . they usually have an entire shelf with many brands, but they were just OUT; it's not at all unusual for a store to be completely out of a staple like flour or milk). So expecting the reliability of western supermarkets will just leave you frustrated, and that can be extrapolated to most other areas of life, as well. Even at relatively expensive hotels you'll have toilets that don't flush or hot water heaters that don't heat (if there's hot water there at all). But accepting that things are the way they are can free you up to really enjoy it here. - May 2019

Winter/fall/clothes for moderately chilly weather. - Apr 2018

Expectations that living here is anything like living in the US or any other first-world country. Things are simply different here. Oh, and don't bother with any coats or jackets. - Aug 2017

Expectations that:
anything will happen on time
that you can get your grocery shopping for the week done in 8 hours
that you will be able to enjoy traveling to cool places in West Africa easily
you won't sweat through your clothes within five minutes of being outside
- Apr 2017

Lamps. - Aug 2016

Winter clothes and high expectations. - May 2014

Cold-weather gear, nice car, and need for punctuality. - Apr 2012

Winter clothes - Aug 2011

Winter clothes - Feb 2010

winter clothes - Feb 2010

worries - Ghanaians are generally relaxed and friendly. Also your expectations of going on safari: the wildlife here is not comparable to that in South or East Africa. The beaches in and near Accra are treacherous and/or filthy. One has to travel at least an hour or so to find OK recreational beaches. The best are 2-4 hours away from Accra, and they should still be used with caution due to the strong undertow. - May 2009

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