Quality pet care available (vets & kennels)?

Almost all vet care is via house call, although a new quality vet shop and grooming salon has opened and is highly recommended. No Western-quality kennels to speak of. There are many stray dogs here. There are no parks or other public green spaces. - Apr 2012

There are a few trusted vets in town. They even make house calls. - Jun 2011

No kennels to speak of. There are a few good pet stores, but if your pet is fussy, you want to bring specialized food from home. Vets are generally competent, but I would not do elective surgery (i.e. spaying) here. - Feb 2010

Good veterinarians. Kennel service is limited and would not recommend it for long periods of time. - Feb 2010

Unknown but many people have dogs and cats here. - May 2009

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