Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Heat and harmattan (dust storms) are difficult for some. A lot of burning of trash but with winds from the ocean the air is, if not clean, then at least not smog. Malaria is an issue, most acute care needs medevac but we have a good orthodontist/dentist we use here. - Nov 2019

Malaria is a problem in Ghana. We all take anti-malarial medications. Bilharzia can be an issue in freshwater locations, I've heard. Produce needs to be washed carefully to avoid foodborne illness (it's rare to make it through a tour without at least one bout of GI trouble, though). I was medevaced due to some cardiovascular issues, and I do think medical evacuation is fairly common when people encounter health issues beyond fairly basic stuff. My son's best friend was medevaced with a broken arm. - May 2019

Malaria is critical here, so everyone should take anti-malarials. I think there are some medical clinics that the embassy recommends although we have not yet had to use them. - Apr 2018

There's a lot of air pollution and trash on the roads here. Also be advised that you can't drink the tap water. There are open ditches and open sewers too. Take your malaria meds regularly. - Aug 2017

Malaria, yellow fever, HIV and AIDS, and if you need any kind of surgery you better get ready to jump on a plane. Pretty much any kind of medical condition will call for a medical evacuation. - Apr 2017

Malaria. - Aug 2016

Medical care is terrible. If you have something serious going on, they will medevac you to either London, Cape Town or DC. - May 2014

Malaria pills are a must. Don’t drink the tap water or use ice in restaurants. Fruits and vegetables must be sanitized. Don’t swim in the open ocean or in still water, like Lake Volta (risk of schistosomiasis). Anything that requires a hospital will need to use medevac. - Apr 2012

Medical care is not very good. - Aug 2011

Malaria is a real concern here and antimalrials are recommended for everyone. - Jun 2011

This isn't the place to have a serious health problem. The HU does a great job with what they have, but emergency services can be scary. Many folks join WARA (West African Rescue Assoc.) which provides good emergency care, but we are in Africa and conditions are sometimes less than ideal in public hospitals (even the expensive 37 Military Hospital) and equipment is older. Most women medevac to have children; it is required for embassy women. Malaria zone. Medevac is Pretoria or London. - Feb 2010

Pretty good. - Feb 2010

Malaria is a concern and one should be prepared to take a prophylaxis. - May 2009

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