What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

A lot of ties but business casual is ok. Many wear traditional dress in bright colors and prints, even non-Ghanians. - Nov 2019

My husband wears a suit to work most days, but think some people dress more casually. Formal dress is nice to have for the Marine ball and other galas around the holidays. On Fridays people often wear Ghanaian clothing to work. - May 2019

Work is on the more casual side of business. Public is casual. Formal dress is only required occasionally at fancy events. - Apr 2018

A dress shirt and tie for men at the embassy, but a jacket is not necessary. Women can wear a blouse--a business suit is overkill. Every Friday at the embassy we can wear local Ghanaian clothes. - Aug 2017

Business or business casual. - Apr 2017

Business or local dress (especially on Africa Wear Fridays). - Aug 2016

Business at work and whatever you want in public. Ghanaians tend to cover up more, even though the heat is ridiculous. - May 2014

Business-casual at work. Casual everywhere else. - Apr 2012

Modest and pretty formal - Aug 2011

Casual and neat. Ghanaian men wear a lot of suits. Fridays are great because it's national dress day and you see lots of colorful local outfits. Even expats wear them. - Feb 2010

People dress neatly. - Feb 2010

From local dress to business attire. Black tie for balls, etc. - May 2009

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