What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Quite large from a lot of different countries. Morale is middling to good. Some struggle with Africa, those with experience on the continent appreciate that Ghana is pretty manageable relatively speaking. Accra can be a bit sleepy, kind of a make your own fun post so that is an issue for some as well. - Nov 2019

I think there's a reasonably large expat community, though I haven't had as much opportunity as I would have liked to meet more people outside the US Embassy community. There are many other diplomatic missions and certain international business concerns, as well as development agencies/NGOs. There are also some expats who run guest houses, restaurants, etc. I'd say morale is moderate. We love it here, but not everybody does, and there's large "luck-of-the-draw" component to housing for embassy families. We landed in a very social compound with great neighbors. I think it would have been a bit more difficult to be in a standalone house. - May 2019

I don't know. There are a good number of Westerners. Their morale depends on how much they rely on the local economy (aka, don't have DPO) and how long they have lived here. - Apr 2018

There are a few Westerners here affiliated with the government. I've seen a few people from the Middle East and a conspicuous Chinese population here. - Aug 2017

It is pretty large. There is a large diplomatic community plus a large gold mining community, oil and gas and textiles. Generally most expats make the best of it. You do find the odd person who loves Ghana. - Apr 2017

I would say it is relatively large (I don't feel like I know everyone or even half the people). Morale seems high. - Aug 2016

There is a good group of us here and morale varies. Most people are excited to leave. - May 2014

Medium. Mostly businessmen and students. The tourist numbers are small, but growing. - Apr 2012

Huge - Aug 2011

The expat community is large here. - Jun 2011

Pretty large, I think. Over 8,000 American currently. - Feb 2010

Medium? - Feb 2010

Seems large. - May 2009

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