What English-language religious services are available locally?

A lot. Religion seems to be a major past time/industry here. Billboards and posters everywhere advertising prayer meetings/days of miracles/end of times. The culture is very religious particularly Christian with all denominations represented. Muslims have numerous mosques as well. Most services seem to be in English but are likely a mix with local languages (and tongues!) - Nov 2019

Lots,but this comes with the caveat that Ghanaian church is a very different experience. Services are very long, and even liturgically-based churches like the Anglican or Roman Catholic churches manage to draw services out to two or three hours. Many Ghanaians spend the better part of every Sunday at church. One exception is the Apostolic Nunciature, which has a Roman Catholic service each Sunday that generally is more within US expectations for length. - May 2019

I think many religious services are in English, since it is a national language here. - Apr 2018

English is the official language of Ghana, so I'd imagine it's easy to find an English-language religious service. - Aug 2017

Everything is available here. They are a very religious group. - May 2014

Yes. - Apr 2012

Yes. Almost any religious demonination can be found in Ghana. - Aug 2011

Yes. Many, many Christian churches, mosques and a Hindu Monastery. The Embassy of the Holy See holds Sunday mass. - Feb 2010

Catholic and Protestant (Elim and Ridge and Methodist). - Feb 2010

There are a plethora of Christian churches and mosques in Ghana. - May 2009

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