What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Quite cheap and hard working. If you don't find the right fit at first there are plenty of other options. Most folks have cleaners, some also use cooks and drivers. And of course nannies. Rates vary depending on living arrangements/transport/etc., but full-time it would probably be no more than US$350-$400/month. - Nov 2019

Very affordable. I think we pay on the high end for part-time house cleaning and it's still very affordable by U.S. standards. Drivers, nannies, gardeners, housekeepers, cooks; all can be engaged very affordably, and in most cases they are people who have worked for Embassy families and/or other expats for years. - May 2019

Bountiful and very inexpensive. We have a nanny/housekeeper and a gardener. Our nanny/housekeeper is a godsend and worked for 2 embassy families before us. - Apr 2018

Household help is available and cheap. But your mileage may vary in terms of reliability. I've heard of hired help getting fired for stealing, for example. Be smart when interviewing and think about whether you want a live-in helper or someone to just come to your house twice a week or so. You can hire a nanny, a cook, a gardener, a driver, a housekeeper, or someone who can perform several of these tasks. - Aug 2017

Cheap and bountiful, although quite clueless for the most part. Be prepared to state the obvious over and over. People have housekeepers, drivers and nannies, although I have yet to meet a Ghanaian who really seems to love the kids she looks after. - Apr 2017

Lots of availability and cost is around US$200-300 a month for full-time help. - May 2014

Inexpensive and easy to find. Live-in housekeepers/nannies will cost you US$150-$250 a month. Gardeners/drivers can run US$100-150 a month. Guards are US$75-125 a month. Everyone you meet will have a relative that is looking for a job. Quality varies widely, but there are many with strong diplomatic family references. - Apr 2012

Domestic help is plentiful and reasonable. Just be sure to ask pointed questions when interviewing and keep in mind that Ghana has a high illiteracy rate. - Aug 2011

Domestic staff is readily available. - Jun 2011

Most people employ at least one person. Unlike in other countries, Ghanaians like to "specialize".It may be difficult to get someone who wants to do cooking AND cleaning or cooking, cleaning AND nannying. Embassy expats tend to pay the most and average wage is probably GHC 200/month. Many people supplement this with a food allowance for their staff. Some only want to work 9-5; it is important to negotiate a schedule that works for you so that you aren't immediately at home with dinner, kids and everything else dumped on you when you are tired from an 11-hour day. Babysitting is very inexpensive and overtime is affordable, even on holidays. - Feb 2010

Available and reasonable. - Feb 2010

Full range of help available from $100 US to $200 based on experience. Embassy folks tend to overpay, and many staff experienced with embassy families tend to be coddled and have high preferences for leisure time relative to work. - May 2009

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