Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Taxis and Uber are ok, I would avoid tro-tros, the crowded minibuses that ply the major routes. - Nov 2019

We take taxis and Uber sometimes. Very affordable, and I think reasonably safe with the proper precautions (same precautions you'd use anywhere). Trotros, the minibuses used for public transit here, are not allowed by RSO (actually, I'm unclear as to whether they're outright disallowed or just strongly discouraged). - May 2019

Taxis are affordable, but not very well-maintained. RSO recommends negotiating a price before getting in and making sure your window can go up and your door can lock. Tro-tros are multi-person vans that are common with locals, but not particularly safe or recommended. - Apr 2018

There are lots of taxis here, but they are often in poor mechanical condition with broken seatbelts, no air conditioning, or broken windows. One cab I was in had a broken speedometer. You also have to negotiate the price beforehand. There aren't any trains. I've seen buses, but I would not recommend using them unless you are really adventurous. - Aug 2017

Taxis are cheap, safe and bountiful, but hot and you really need to be able to direct the driver where you are going unless it is to a major landmark. Thankfully, armed with a data plan on your phone and Google maps this should not be a problem! - Apr 2017

Taxis are safe and affordable, and Uber is now here. - Aug 2016

Taxis are safe. Negotiate your price before getting in. Buses (called tro-tros) are not safe! - May 2014

There are no trains. Buses come in two forms: STC long-haul coach buses that run between major cities and tro-tros that are short trip -- mini-vans that run everywhere (including right into your car). Tro-tros are cheap (USD $.25), but notoriously unsafe and overcrowded. Taxis are also everywhere, relatively safe (compared to tro-tros), and cheap (USD $1-5). - Apr 2012

Taxis can generally be taken without incident. Just be sure to know your surroundings and agree on a price before getting in. - Aug 2011

Taxis do not have seatbelts. Some folks take the tro-tros, buses and taxis, including many expats, but I think your own car is probably best. You pay for the taxi what you can negotiate; there are no meters. - Feb 2010

Taxis are very cheap and safe - you need to identify a landmark near where you want to go - as taxi drivers don't know all the street names. - Feb 2010

Except for backpackers, peace corp volunteers and students, most expats avoid local buses and trains. Taxis are cheap, but they don't look very safe. - May 2009

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