How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

Fruits and vegetables are plentiful and good quality. Some imported items are rare and more expensive (broccoli, strawberries). There are some larger South African grocery chains that have decent selection and pretty good availability. Brands will be different but you can find stuff. This is a consumables post and we do use DPO quite a bit. - Nov 2019

You learn your way around the grocery situation and where to find what. It took me a while to discover, for example, that the best way to get cheese of all kinds (from grated mozzarella to cream cheese to white cheddar) is from the deli counters at the shops that cater to expats. US and European-oriented products do tend to be expensive and sporadically stocked. Local produce is very inexpensive, and you will have all the pineapple, papaya, bananas, mango, and coconut your heart desires. Imported fruits and vegetables range from slightly more than you'd expect to pay in the US; for easily-transported produce like apples and pears and potatoes to ludicrously expensive for more delicate items like broccoli and berries. - May 2019

Availability is inconsistent (for example, you might find something one week and not the other), and groceries/food can vary from affordable to very expensive. For example, pineapples are consistently about 50 cents each, but broccoli is about $20 a head. Certain vegetables are always available, such as carrots, but you might get bored. US-branded products are much more expensive (shredded cheese, etc). Alcohol is widely available and not much more expensive than the US, which was surprising. - Apr 2018

You can find almost anything you're looking for here, but be prepared to pay for the name brand items. If you're willing to take your chances on the local or regional products, you can live quite cheaply. If you insist on American or European products, expect them to cost two or three times as much. - Aug 2017

Groceries are expensive, cheese is super expensive, fresh milk doesn't exist, UHT milk is what you have to drink. Imported fruit and veg is extremely expensive and local fruit and veg is limited to about 10 different things, which are available all time and mostly revolves around the squash family of vegetables. There are no seasons here so it is the same stuff all year long. Anything imported is expensive, and it is highly unlikely that a Westerner will want to eat Ghanaian food daily (unless you have a taste for white processed carbs). - Apr 2017

There is a lot that is available at high cost. - Aug 2016

It is so expensive here. We were shocked with the prices in the grocery store. You can find South African brands of almost everything. Local produce can be expensive so shop around for the best deal. Once they start to recognize you, the prices get better. - May 2014

Reasonable substitutes can be found for almost anything. If you buy from one of the “supermarkets,” like the commissary, MaxMart, Koala, or Shoprite, you can find just about anything, but it will cost you more than in the States. If you are intrepid and shop at local stores and at Makola Market, you can find most things very cheaply. When you see something you want, you should buy all of it. Supplies of most things are erratic. - Apr 2012

You will need to go to a number of stores to get everything you're looking for. Groceries and household supplies are quite expensive. You will be overwhelmed at how expensive they are. - Aug 2011

Western groceries are very expensive. Local fruits and vegetables are inexpensive. - Jun 2011

We have an AEA commissary here that gets regular shipments of dry and frozen goods. Prices are higher than in the US, so anything that you use a lot of you will probably want to ship in consumables. That said, there is definitely a plus to having cool whip and turkeys at Thanksgiving and having a place near the embassy to do your shopping. Koala, MaxMart and ShopRite are the three major grocery stores, but there are also some specialty stores. There really is no logic to prices; one month you might pay GHC 8 for orange juice, the next month the same brand is GHC 14.You will not be able to get everything you need/want in one store - grocery shopping is a several stop activity. Groceries can be VERY expensive on the local economy. Prices tend to be raised around the holidays - fresh vegetables such as broccoli can go for up to $20 in December. Locally grown produce is nice and can be gotten for a decent price; pineapples, mango and papaya are all staples. Household cleaners can be very expensive; especially name brands. Bring what you can in your consumables. Many folks order some things you can't get here from Amazon. - Feb 2010

Lots of products - good U.S. commissary that has American goods. - Feb 2010

Expensive. Maxmart and Koala are closest to the embassy and offer a good range of US and international groceries at prices that are moderate to high. Shopright in the new Accra Mall is bigger and slightly cheaper."Game" is a Target/K-Mart type store, also in the mall, but don't expect US prices. - May 2009

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