Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Not really although the locals complain about Nigerians all the time. - Nov 2019

There is a substantial Muslim minority here (about 15% I believe) and Christian and Muslim Ghanaians seem to get along very well. Gender equality is a complicated issue here (as it is most places!). I've met women here who are scientists, entrepreneurs, doctors . . . and they seem to be very well-respected by all. But there are definite gender-based expectations and I've experienced some dismissive behavior from Ghanaian men who are much more respectful to my husband. This is all very hard to judge/understand from the outside, though. - May 2019

Not that I know. Ghana has issues among Ghanaians with misogyny. - Apr 2018

There is a sizable Muslim minority here, but I haven't noticed any discrimination. - Aug 2017

Not really, other than hating Nigerians. - Apr 2017

The Christian/Muslim diversity within the country does not cause any issues. - Aug 2016

Local Ghanaians blame everything on the Nigerians but otherwise no. - May 2014

Foreigners are very conspicuous in Ghana. Most people, however, are either genuinely curious about you or, if you’re in a touristy area, they are trying to sell you something. As for religion, they have every denomination you could want -- Presbyterian and Muslim seem to be the most prevalent. - Apr 2012

Women are not treated with as much respect as they should be. - Aug 2011

You get called, "Obruni" and your prices are higher, but it's no big deal. - Feb 2010

Ghanaians are friendly and welcoming to all. Within Ghana there is little-to-no conflict between religious communities. There is a large local community of Lebanese and Indian merchants. - May 2009

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