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Rio was great. - Apr 2019

if you are coming to Rio, there is a very helpful facebook group "Rio Playgroup" for expats to exchange information. It is very helpful for me. If you request to join and still have not be added after a few days, it is because the person in charge has not seen your request. So you need to ask another member to shout it out loud for you to get her attention. This happened to me and many other newcomers. - May 2016

Rio is a very different place than it was even a few years ago. It is really in the midst of a Renaissance - booming economically, decreasing crime, and loads of business/cultural opportunities. There was a long decline after the capitol moved from Rio to Brasilia (and the U.S. Mission to Brazil moved with it - ultimately leaving the Consulate resource challenged in staffing and funds - but that is changing as Rio regains its importance in the bilateral relationship. Next year's Military Games, the 2014 World Cup, and 2016 Olympics will also attract more attention and travelers to Rio. It is still a constituent post, and those management and resource challenges will continue. Nevertheless, I am very very glad I lucked out and was able to serve here and that my children were able to experience this wonderful city for a couple years. One caveat to parents of dual citizen kids - there are strict exit requirements from the country. If Brazilian children are traveling both parents much accompany or provide a judge's authorization showing that they agree for the children to leave. There are no exceptions. If either parent decides they don't want the children to leave the country, and refuses to get the judge's document, the federal police will not let the children depart. This is true even when the trip was supposed to be temporary and after arriving one parent decides they want the children to remain in has comprehensive information about the security, health and other information about Brazil and other countries, and you definitely should read that before coming. - Jun 2010

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