Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

Preschools are available in Portuguese, they are pricey but nice. No after school care provided at EARJ due to safety concerns with the favela. After school activities and weekend activities are often canceled due to gun shots being fired. - Oct 2019

For preschools, there are many good quality Brazilian preschools in Leblon and Ipanema. Half day preschools usually cost around R$2000/month. - May 2016

Yes. Very expensive. Many complaints about the price and quality. Preschools and daycares frequently close with little or no notice and folks have to leave work early/unexpectedly to pick up their kids. They also close for two extended breaks during the year. - Aug 2013

No personal experience - though I know of several people who paid lots of money for the service. I think most people with small children end up hiring a full time nanny. Seems like a better option, but is still pricey. - Jun 2011

Nannies are readily available and can be employed part-time or full-time at a cost of approximately US$40-60/day. - Jul 2010

Really expensive in the neighborhoods we live in. British School offers it for astronomical fees (USD 1500 - 1800? or so per month) and St. Patricks is an English speaking preschool in Leblon that's also expensive. I have dual national kids and was happy to go local and still paid about USD 600 per month for a half-day program at Creche Bambini in Ipanema, which I LOVED.Brazilians love kids so they'll most likely have a wonderful experience anyway. Creche Bambini was the only one of the three I visited that was interested in even introducing letters/numbers to 4 yr olds. They had great learning themes - Carmem Miranda and Carneval - too. Most people hire nannies, who Americans will usually pay USD400 - 800/month. Brazilians will pay less, but may pay up to USD 600 or 700 if they are really loaded. To comply with local labor law you must pay Brazilian social security and other taxes if you hire a Brazilian. This can be pricey. - Jun 2010

There are good preschools if you don't mind your child being spoken to in Portuguese (often an enriching experience). Price: 300-700 full-time. - Nov 2009

Nannies readily available, lots of preschools although I am not sure about the cost. - Jan 2009

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