What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

West Coast: USA 24 hours of travel to get home. - Oct 2019

Midwest US; 9-12 hours; connections through Houston, Atlanta, or Miami. Travel to/from Rio is easy. The top 3 US airlines all fly there, as do many of the large European airlines. - Sep 2019

Chicago, which is a fairly easy 12 hours with one connection through New York, Miami, Atlanta, or Houston - Apr 2019

Washington, DC. Around 15 hours with connections in Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Panama, etc. - Jun 2017

California - a 15 hour trip. - Jun 2011

Washington, DC. Connections on all major U.S. carriers through Washington, Houston, Miami, Charlotte and with TAM Brazilian Airlines from New York, Miami and Orlando. A flight of approximately 8-10 hours. - Jul 2010

Washington DC.9-10 hrs - fastest is United via Sao Paulo but can go American through Miami and lots of other direct US flights. - Jun 2010

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