Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

No because of the school. We love Rio, but the school makes the post a negative for us. - Oct 2019

Yes. - Sep 2019

In a minute. - Apr 2019

Yes. - Jun 2017

Yes. i can't complain about living by the beach. - May 2016

Despite all these gripes...yes. It was a great experience and I've had a lot of fun, but I am ready to go. The city is loud, filthy, dangerous and corrupt beyond imagining but the countryside outside of town and the sleepy villages a few hours away are heavenly. Amazing beaches obviously. Plus, there is truly something to be said for being able to walk across the street in your bare feet and underwear and start drinking beer at 9am. Plus, everyone pisses right in the street here, which is rather liberating. - Aug 2013

Absolutely. I hope to be able to return someday. - Jun 2011

No. Rio is a beautiful city to visit, but I would not want want to repeat the nightmare experience of working at the consulate. - Jul 2010

Definitely. We will be sad to go and strongly recommend living here for everyone. - Jun 2010

I love the city, but inept post management and a poor American School would probably keep me away. - Nov 2009

I'd return to Rio in a heartbeat but I'd NEVER work at the Consulate again. - Jan 2009

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