What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Not much, you can basically get most items you want. If you want kid snacks from the States you will have to purchase those. We just bought local and were fine. - Oct 2019

Peanut butter. You can purchase peanut butter in Brazil, but Brazilian peanut butter is very different. There are some stores that occasionally have limited selections of American peanut butter (and other American products such as pancake syrup), but not always. - Sep 2019

Salad dressings, tuna fish, croutons, furniture polish, and anything with a spray nozzle. - Apr 2019

Napkins, trash bags, granola bars, 100% DEET, sunscreen, gluten-free flour, tea candles, craft beer, tuna, spices... pretty much everything shelf-stable is cheaper and better if you can import it yourself duty-free. - Jun 2017

Everything imported is expensive here. Everything related to kids is expensive here, like clothes, shoes, toys. Since you can buy most things through DPO, I would just focus on shipping things that are liquid, and some ethnic food. There are two small Asian grocery stores near Flamengo metro station. - May 2016

Mexican food, motor oil, Indian food. You can find most things here except cheddar cheese for some reason. Most things you can ship DPO. - Aug 2013

Sunblock, hair waxing kit, refried beans and some sort of machine to make tortillas. - Jun 2011

Insect repellent. Detergents (if you are looking for specific kinds). Ethnic food items. Remember that the food items here are priced much higher than in the U.S., so stock up. - Jul 2010

Same things - Pam cooking spray, tires, car parts, American wrapping paper/tape/party supplies, kid bday presents (they are all here but outrageously expensive), American candy for parties, pinatas for parties, hair/beauty favorites. I also order all clothes/shoes online b/c they're so expensive here. - Jun 2010

Saran wrap, paper towels, toilet paper, any kind of boxed prepared foods that you like, dog food, vitamins. - Jan 2009

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