How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

DPO. - Oct 2019

Pouch/DPO. - Sep 2019

Dip, pouch: people didn't get the post cards I sent through the local mail - Apr 2019

US diplomatic pouch works pretty well. I receive Amazon purchases in 2-3 weeks. - Jun 2017

DPO and pouch. DPO here takes 7-12 days, which is fast. - May 2016

DPO takes about 2 weeks. - Aug 2013

Pouch mostly. Management at the consulate discourages the use of APO because of the delays and historic lack of security. - Jun 2011

APO at the U.S. Consulate. Count on 4-6 weeks, and there have been incidents of mail being stolen at the airport, burned in fire, etc. The diplomatic pouch takes about the same time, but it seems to be a safer alternative. Or try Brazilian mail. It's faster on the outgoing shipments to the U.S. - Jul 2010

APO (unreliable) or dip pouch. Local courier service is OK though. - Jun 2010

APO - Nov 2009

APO, although several times in 2008 there was no money to buy gas for the Consulate staff to go to the airport to get the mail. - Jan 2009

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