What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Many gyms available and quite expensive, around US $125/month. - Oct 2019

Walk along the beach. No need for a gym. - Sep 2019

The Consulate has a serviceable workout room usable for free for consulate employees. Local clubs are better, but much more expensive. - Apr 2019

There are plenty of gyms around, but we've been happy to just go running down by the beach. - Jun 2017

The Consulate has a gym and there are small gyms all over the city with a fee. around R$500/month at bodytech or get a life time membership at flamengo club for about R$7000/family, or individual membership R$150/month. - May 2016

Crummy, poorly maintained gym in the building. Several broken machines, a few that work, and a smattering of free weights. - Aug 2013

Many options, some very good, all expensive. - Jun 2011

Yes, but they are very expensive. Be prepared to pay upwards of BrR 300/month for a more modern facility. - Jul 2010

Widely available and expensive. - Jun 2010

Yes. They are not cheap, but there are some really nice ones. - Nov 2009

Lots. - Jan 2009

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