What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

EARJ says they have a special needs program but in speaking to the staff, they I really don't think they do . They might give your child extra time on a test, but that is about it. I should say that my children did not require the special needs program, but I had a friend whose children received services from the school and the services were quite limited. - Oct 2019

A colleague had a special needs child who seemed to be treated well. - Apr 2019

There is one special needs school that I am aware of. Currently no kids there. - Aug 2013

Some, not anyone's specialty in Rio though. EARJ is trying, but I would talk to them first and for a long time before agreeing to come if I had a special needs child. - Jun 2011

Don't know about British School (they were very accommodating about putting my daughter's eye patch on every day).I know one parent of a child at EARJ who's happy with the accommodations there. - Jun 2010

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