Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

None. - Oct 2019

Unusual? Given that Rio is in the tropics, no. - Sep 2019

I didn't have any problems, but I heard from a few colleagues who did. - Apr 2019

There are occasional pantry moths, ants, cockroaches, and mosquitoes bearing lethal diseases. Local housing code prohibits sealing an apartment that has gas appliances, so apartments here have large holes in the wall without so much as screens. We covered ours with plastic and tape, but there are myriad other little gaps. - Jun 2017

there is zika now spread by the mosquitoes. Two people I knew from the Consulate had zika, luckily they are not pregnant. Other bug issues that cannot be overlooked are moths that eat food in our cabinets. Flour, beans, tea bags etc. can be infested if you don't clean and check on a regular basic. You must keep food in sealed containers. - May 2016

Mosquitos are, surprisingly, not bad. Little ants and a few small lizards...not really an issue. - Aug 2013

Some, dengue is near epidemic levels. Several Consulate employees contracted a virulent strain this year. Luckily they pulled through. - Jun 2011

Lots of various exotic insects. If your apartment has windows that do not close (many of the consulate's apartments suffer from poor maintenance) be prepared to find all kinds of creatures -ants, geckoes, bats, just to name a few. - Jul 2010

Every once in a while there is a big dengue outbreak (mosquitoes), and ants are annoying. - Jun 2010

Dengue Fever is a very serious problem causing many deaths each year. - Nov 2009

Garden variety tropical insect problems, nothing excessive. - Jan 2009

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