What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Hot almost all year long, January and February are miserable, the rest of the year is lovely. Some "cold" weather in the summer months (winter in Brazil) June, July & August. - Oct 2019

Hot and humid. In the winter, it might drop to the 60s. Briefly. If it gets down to the 70s, Cariocas start wearing hats and scarves. - Sep 2019

It's beautiful April-October and hot and sticky November-March. - Apr 2019

The weather here is great. There are occasional big rainstorms, but it's warm enough to sunbathe on the beach year round, and when it gets hot, it's still nice out at night. If you're not used to hot climates, though, you will learn to pay special attention to hydration and shade during the summer. - Jun 2017

summer could be over 100F on some bad days. it is really humid and hot, to a point that I don't really want to go out between 10 AM-3 PM. Winter rains a bit more, but the temperature is perfect, around 80-70sF. - May 2016

Winters are very pleasant, with a month or two of cool, damp, sometimes drizzly days. Summers are hot, hot, hot and very humid. Always a chance of rain, but it doesn't usually last very long. When it does rain, the entire city floods. I've often walked to the bus stop through 8 inches of water. - Aug 2013

Summers were a bit too hot, but the rest of the year was always excellent. I am afraid California winters will seem to cold now. - Jun 2011

It can get very hot in January-April. May and June, in what is winter in Brazil, tend to be the nicest months, while the chance of rain during October-December is high. - Jul 2010

Lots of sun, quite a bit of rain - very hot in southern hemisphere summer and comfortably warm in southern hemisphere winter. There is a LOT of rain, which results in frequent street/road flooding and dangerous mudslides in hillside communities and roads. - Jun 2010

Very hot and humid from Jan-March, otherwise extremely pleasant. - Nov 2009

Beach weather all year long, some people find it uncomfortably hot at times but I like warm weather and so did not find it oppressive or anything - it is not extremely humid and there is usually somewhat of a breeze. - Jan 2009

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