If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Fancy clothes and nice jewelry. - Oct 2019

Mukluks. - Sep 2019

Winter clothes, American bathing suit, body consciousness; this is a country where nobody has body issues. They put their bodies out there on the beach all the time. - Apr 2019

Flashy jewelry. Camping gear - few parks welcome campers. Winter clothes. - Jun 2017

winter coats. - May 2016

Expectations that this is a glimmering, shimmering, cidade maravilhosa...it looks that way from afar, but as soon as you get up close and personal, you'll see that this city is run down and dirty, and patched together with tape and glue. Everyone loves it here at first, and everyone is absolutely ready to leave after the first year. - Aug 2013

winter anything. - Jun 2011

winter clothes, skis, watch, wallet, and high expectations. - Jul 2010

winter clothes (though you will want to bring a leather jacket or something for the "cold" weather - 65 degrees that will feel much colder), pantyhose and most of your socks. - Jun 2010

Gringo reserve, idea that you live to work instead of work to live. - Jan 2009

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