Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Medical are is good, not excellent but good. Dentistry is good. - Oct 2019

Use bug spray. - Sep 2019

Medical care is good. I didn't have surgery there, but I know someone who did and he was happy with it. - Apr 2019

High-quality medical care is available. Lifestyles here tend to be healthy, but everyone seems to have more respiratory issues than normal. Not all tap water is potable, and local food safety practices are questionable. - Jun 2017

Zika and dengue, mosquito born disease. Bring your mosquito nets here, and bug repellent; it seems like Deet works the best. - May 2016

Good medical care, but expensive. You pay cash at private doctors and get reimbursed by insurance. The nurse can set you up with English speaking docs, many were trained in the U.S. Several people have had their babies here and had good experiences. - Aug 2013

Medical care is ok, though overly bureaucratic. Consulate staff need the help of the nurse each time they go to the hospital or emergency room to make sure they are attended and not turned away for inability to pay upfront. - Jun 2011

There are numerous health concerns in Rio, ranging from periodic dengue epidemics to asbestos in the U.S. Consulate building. Employees are often told not to be concerned, since the amounts of asbestos are allegedly low. Private hospitals provide ok facilities and care, but they are expensive since you have to pay out of pocket. Dental care is of acceptable Western standards. - Jul 2010

Dengue when there's an outbreak. Mold allergies. Mold is everywhere and tough to get rid of due to the humidity. Locals use little manual dehumidifying boxes that suck away water into a little container so their closets/drawers stay dry. Building construction is poor and lots and lots of mold/dust/irritants. I have three of four kids on anti-allergy medicines. Drs are very very expensive in the neighborhoods we frequent but at least follow-up consultations are usually free. Had one good recent experience at the Sao Jose orthopedic emergency room.(Sao Paulo's Albert Einstein hospital was much more convenient for consulate employees.) - Jun 2010

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