What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Beach casual: formal dress is never required unless going to a wedding. - Oct 2019

Top hat and tails would be overdoing it, but a LOT of Brazilians wear Havaianas everywhere. - Sep 2019

Very business casual; Brazilians/Cariocas get formal occasionally, but very rarely. - Apr 2019

Dress is less-formal. Only lawyers wear suits. All but the fanciest restaurants have patrons in shorts and flip-flops. - Jun 2017

casual. people walk around in their swim suits. - May 2016

Business causal. Ties and chinoes, no suits unless you're around the front office. In public, you can go outside in your underwear and flip flops and nobody will give you a second look. - Aug 2013

Very casual. - Jun 2011

Business attire at work. Shorts and flip-flops everywhere else. - Jul 2010

For Americans, it's business, but Brazilian co-workers will be loosely business casual. On the street it is very casual and skimpy - similar to Miami. - Jun 2010

Relatively casual - Nov 2009

Casual compared to a lot of other posts. - Jan 2009

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