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Morale among expats:

Good. The grit, grime, crime and terrible infrastructure wears on you after a while, but there is a LOT of fun to be had in the city. - Aug 2013

High, I think. In spite of the crime and poor quality of housing, I think most people really like living in Rio. Everyone seems to find a nitch and falls into it comfortably. - Jun 2011

In the private sector, the morale seems to be much higher than that of USG employees. Again, the low morale at the U.S. Consulate has largely to do with the lack of funding, and poor management. - Jul 2010

Mostly high, unless you have overly high expectations about housing, which will be in a fantastic location but probably not as big or well-maintained as you would like. - Jun 2010

Most official Americans like it here. The big problem has been low calibre leadership in the front office. CGs have not ensured that the consulate is running at even a basic level of efficiency - from basics like having toilet paper in the bathrooms to HR issues like sending into retirement senile 70-something-year-old local employees in key positions. A textbook case of management failure from the top. - Nov 2009

Varies, at the Consulate pretty bad because of poor financial management and housing nightmares. Having no money for toilet paper at the Consulate, no money for gas for official vehicles making it impossible to do one's job, having all consulate cell phones turned off for nonpayment of bills etc etc can all take a toll on morale. - Jan 2009

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