What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Large but disconnected. - Oct 2019

Fair number of expats, primarily in the oil industry. - Sep 2019

Expats are there, but not recognizable; they blend in at the beach. the morale is great because you're in Rio, but you don't go to Rio for the ex-pats: you go because the locals are so nice, fun, friendly... - Apr 2019

Brazil is an amazing place to travel and Brazilians are very warm people, but expats spend a lot of time complaining about the food and level of service. Feeling the unfulfilled potential can be frustrating, but it is a great experience for those ready to see it as such. - Jun 2017

Pretty good; there is a good mix of international community here. - May 2016

Huge. - Aug 2013

Medium, lots of oil company folks. - Jun 2011

Medium. - Jul 2010

About 22,000 resident Americans in the district and lots of other intl expats as well. - Jun 2010

Medium. - Jan 2009

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