How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

Very few Brazilians speak English. Best to learn Portuguese. Classes are available but I have no idea the cost. - Oct 2019

You need Portuguese. - Sep 2019

Portuguese is required. Language classes are available for Consulate employees and their families at the Consulate. - Apr 2019

I can't imagine living here without Portuguese. - Jun 2017

Most brazilians in the stores do not speak English. - May 2016

A lot. Even English teachers in Brazil don't speak English. - Aug 2013

It helps a lot. Cariocas are not as bilingual as their cosmopolitan cousins in Sao Paulo. - Jun 2011

A lot. The vast majority of Brazilians, even in the educated upper class, either don't speak English or prefer not to speak English. Spanish might help a little, but you really need Portuguese. - Jul 2010

In the tourist-y areas and with wealthy Brazilians you won't need much. Traveling to smaller towns or off the beaten tourist path you will. Beware the regional accents as Brazilian Portuguese varies widely between cities/regions. - Jun 2010

Quite a lot. Not many Brazilians speak English. Even family members should do the full training. - Nov 2009

Lots - not too many English speakers. - Jan 2009

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