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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Readily available recommended to NOT hire full-time due to local laws and regulations. We have part-time help. - Oct 2019

Teenagers satisfy this requirement. - Sep 2019

I didn't hire anyone, but it's widely available at reasonable costs; I did hear stories about theft though... - Apr 2019

We pay about $40 per day for one day a week of cooking and cleaning. People with kids often have full-time help, although that comes with more cumbersome legal requirements. Not everyone is happy with the quality, but we have been very pleased. - Jun 2017

A part time maid is about R$150/day. A full time maid is about R$1800/month. - May 2016

Expensive by LA standards. Difficult to find good reliable help...ask around the CG to see if someone's maid is free one day a week. Families have struggled to find good nannies. - Aug 2013

I hire someone to come in once a week. It costs me $50/day. - Jun 2011

Widely available. People pay $35 or so per day for a housekeeper/cook if they don't go full-time. Most people hire nannies, who Americans will usually pay USD400 - 800/month. Brazilians will pay less, but may pay up to USD 600 or 700 if they are really loaded. To comply with local labor law you must pay Brazilian social security and other taxes if you hire a Brazilian. This can be pricey. - Jun 2010

$500-600/month. - Nov 2009

About US$30/day - it is hard to find hardworking housekeepers but they are adequate for the most part. - Jan 2009

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