Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Use a local provider, it is cheap and fairly good service. - Oct 2019

Vivo. They offer a package with five SIM cards for a family; we paid about $150-200USD/month, and never ran out of data. - Sep 2019

Sim cards are readily available & the Brazilians are very connected and digital savvy, so the 3-4 top carriers are all competitive. Many use pay-as-you-go plans. - Apr 2019

Local provider. - Jun 2017

Cellphone plans are pretty cheap here. - May 2016

CG will supply yours and one for your EFM if you pay a low, monthly fee. SIM cards are cheap and easy to find, service is good. - Aug 2013

The consulate provides a phone. Don't bother with something expensive or fancy, it will likely be stolen within your first year. - Jun 2011

Cell phones are provided by the consulate. Sometimes the consulate forgets to pay the bill, and you cannot place any outgoing phone calls. Sometimes the networks go down. As Brazilians say "Se Deus Quiser", or God Willing things will work out. - Jul 2010

Dunno. Mine comes from work. Do have a VOIP phone that's invaluable. - Jun 2010

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