Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Widely accepted, fairly safe to use if they bring the credit card machine to the table. Don't let your card be taken out of your sight. - Oct 2019

Some people will tell you that 'everybody gets their credit card or debit card cloned'. Not so. Credit cards are very safe to use. All of the large Metro stations have ATMs, and they are relatively safe. Not all ATMs in all banks will accept US debit cards; you might have to check around. It is best to do cash withdrawals during the day, and not at night. - Sep 2019

Usually, but not always. I never had a problem, but heard that the ATM in the consulate was the safest in the city, yet was still hacked, I assume through a wireless connection. - Apr 2019

Everyone has their cards cloned here. Use your cards, but monitor your bank statements closely. - Jun 2017

We heard so many cases of credit card being cloned so we avoid using credit cards at any stores. However, that's mean we do a lot of withdrawal from ATM machines, which charges a fee. A friend of mine had his credit cards cloned 6 times in the past 5 months. Some ATM machines are not safe too, including those at the airport and at some banks so try to use the ATMs only at places that you know are safe. - May 2016

Don't do it. I'd say half the employees in the Consulate have had their cards cloned at some point. Use the ATM in the building and watch carefully any time you pay with credit card. I've had 3 cards cloned since I've been here. - Aug 2013

Lots of cloning. Use a credit card with a low limit for your day-to-day shopping. - Jun 2011

There have been incidents of credit-card cloning, even in major hotels. The U.S. Consulate has an ATM inside. - Jul 2010

Lots of cloning. Even some bank ATMs are rigged. But this is a tourist-accommodating place and most reputable places how bring the little machine to your table. - Jun 2010

Be careful, as there are many cases of accounts being liquidated. - Nov 2009

Cloning is extremely common. Somehow the crooks can clone your ATM cardnand access your PIN if you use it for debit purchases. Many people have had their bank accounts emptied in this way. - Jan 2009

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