Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes, the city is not disability friendly Sidewalks are small rocks/bricks, easy to trip on, tons of tree roots, holes, etc. Not easy at all for someone with a physical disability. - Oct 2019

No. - Sep 2019

Yes, they are still getting up to speed in offering facilities for those less able. - Apr 2019

yes. Sidewalks here are not built for wheelchairs, some are not even great for strollers. - May 2016

A lot. - Aug 2013

Many. This is not an ADA friendly city. Elevators frequently don't function and vehicles are not exactly respectful of pedestrians, much less those who might be challenged in their mobility or speed. - Jun 2011

Many. Rio de Janeiro is still far from the U.S. or Western Europe when it comes to catering to those with physical disabilities. You often see beggars missing legs, or having other physical deformities, who beg for money on street corners. - Jul 2010

Sidewalks/roads are often poorly kept, so they are bumpy and uneven. Public transport buses have lifts for chairs, but I don't see them used often. I didn't see elevators for wheelchairs in the metro, but maybe they're there. - Jun 2010

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