Dushanbe - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Not really. Obviously the instability in Afghanistan might change that but so far Tajikistan is relatively low crime and I drove all over the country without feeling unsafe. Be careful of terrible drivers and possible weather in the mountains. RSO wants notification if you go more than an hour outside Dushanbe. - Aug 2021

This has not been a huge issue while we've been here. Post has Mobile Patrol vehicles out round the clock providing fast support should there be a concerning situation. - Apr 2021

Dushanbe is very safe. I'm not aware of any violent crime or even any theft. - Jun 2020

Much less than you might expect. The crime rate is quite low, and expats are almost never the targets of violent crime. It is next to Afghanistan, but the problems don't usually cross the border.

You may occasionally feel an earthquake. Dushanbe sits on solid rock and so is pretty safe -- they've never had a major earthquake here. But there are active zones to the north and south. - Dec 2016

It is on the northern Afghan border and, although it is a very moderate Muslim country, there has been a growth in Salafists. The old opposition forces from the civil war are unhappy with the current government and have assassinated some government figures. - Dec 2015

Nothing that common sense won't deflect unless you have a high profile gig at one of the embassies from which Tajiks want visas. I was followed home and harassed a few times. - Jun 2014

We never felt uncomfortable. The only issues we heard of occurred in a bar at 2:00 AM and nothing good happens at that time of the morning. - Mar 2014

Nothing other than normal city stuff. We have two dogs and when I am out walking with them, I feel almost invincible because Tajiks are irrationally terrified of dogs. The downside of that is that Tajik men and boys often taunt the dogs (who are extremely friendly), and twice boys have thrown rocks at us - when I was with my baby. That has really affected my morale and my feelings toward the post and the people. - Oct 2013

Occasional drug rings; if you stay away they do not look to involve westerners. - Jan 2012

On the macro level, Tajikistan does border Afghanistan. On a daily level, it feels really, really safe. You know your neighbors, kids play in the streets, etc. However, there are occasional petty crims against foreigners. - Jun 2009

Some crime: Tajikistan is one of the largest drug trafficking countries in the world which could lead to more crime, and some potential for unrest due to political instability. Rampant corruption is just accepted here! - Jul 2008

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