Dushanbe - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

Dushanbe is pretty isolated, with expensive flights a few times a week to Istanbul and Dubai. Pre-Covid, there were daily flights to Almaty, several times a week to Tashkent, and once weekly to Frankfurt (although we've heard that one isn't coming back any time soon). Once you get to Istanbul or Dubai, though, you can fly anywhere easily. It would generally take about 20 hours or so back to the East Coast. - Aug 2021

We normally travel from DC to post, but due to COVID, I don't think it's possible to give a good answer to this question. Under normal circumstances, there is NOT a waiver for FlyAmerica and the three common routings were via Dubai (2 legs of travel), via Frankfurt (2 legs of travel), or via Frankfurt and Istanbul (3 legs of travel). The direct flight to Frankfurt has not restarted since COVID hit, so there are only 2 ways in and out right now, and Istanbul is the only way that supports pet travel. - Apr 2021

Washington, DC, United States; Flight times are not convenient. I flew 14 hours to Dubai and opted to overnight rather than endure the 14-hour layover before taking the 3.5 hour flight from Dubai to Dushanbe. - Jun 2020

American. From the US, one can bounce through either Moscow, Dubai or (most usually) Frankfurt. It's about a 24 hour trip each way. - Dec 2016

Saint Paul, Minnesota Any trip from Dushanbe to the U.S. takes 2 days. You have one flight a week through Frankfurt (easiest connection), two flights a week through Istanbul, or 3 flights a week through Dubai. - Dec 2015

Home base is DC - you can connect either through Frankfurt or Istanbul but in either case it takes at least 24 hours. - Jun 2014

Home is Williamsburg, Virginia. The best travel route is Dulles to Frankfurt to Istanbul to Dushanbe. It's a long trek, but we always overnighted in Istanbul to break up the travel. - Mar 2014

Home base is DC. The fastest routing is Dulles to Istanbul to Dushanbe. But if you fly in or out with pets you will fare much better going through Frankfurt. - Oct 2013

Washington DC. It takes about 22 hours to get to DC from post. Four hours to Istanbul and 11-12 hours from Istanbul to DC. Fly America act prevents most of us from flying Turkish air all the way to DC, so you must fly from Istanbul to Frankfurt, then to DC. 4 hours from Dushanbe to Istanbul, 4 hours from Istanbul to Frankfurt, 11 hours from Frankfurt to DC. Turkish air and United air are the most commonly used airlines. Somoni air is also used. - Jan 2012

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